Personal Protection You Can Rely On

Tactical Training — Personal Protection in Charlottesville, VA
We believe in providing you with proactive professional security solutions. We always give a little bit above and beyond and take pride in a sterling reputation as an outstanding provider of personal security. Over 80% of our employees have either military or law enforcement backgrounds, and we will gladly provide you with the best in armed or unarmed security.

Our security teams are built around your specific needs to provide you with the best professionals who can take care of your every security need.

We Have Security for all Occasions

You don't have to worry about not finding the right security. Our professionals have a wide range of experience.

We have superior training, are always working to get even better, and can provide a show of strength or blend in discreetly depending on your needs. Whether at one location or moving around, you can count on us to keep security strong.

We Offer:

• Professional training
• 24/7 emergency call number
• Hourly security call-ins
• Security education
• Risk analysis and more!

Our Professionals Undergo a Rigorous Hiring Process

Not only do our employees each pass a rigorous background check, but even if they have military or law enforcement backgrounds we insist on further specialized security training. Personal interviews, drug screenings, and thorough background checks just scratch the surface to make sure we get the best and most trustworthy security staff available.